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Have you ever
heard about Manterruption?


Share your voice. The first step to fight Manterruption is knowing it exists.


This is why we created Woman Interrupted
An app that detects Manterruption in daily conversations.

Woman Interrupt

Journal of Language and Social Psychology

A recent study* found out that men interrupt women 23% more than they interrupt other men.

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Female doctors are interrupted more than their male counterparts.

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Harvard study

Men are 144% more likely to speak in law classes than women.

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According to Brigham Young University and Princeton

Men will dominate 75% of the conversation during conference meetings.

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According to the University of Columbia.

Female students are more likely to be interrupted when they speak or to have other students answer questions directed to them.

According to a experiment by Slate Magazine.

In tech companies, men interrupted twice more than women.

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In Brazilian interviews with president candidates, female candidates were interrupted 4 times more than male candidates.

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Women are in board rooms and lectures.

They are the heads
of MILLIONS of families.

But are they
actually being heard

Manterruption is a behaviour when men interrupt women unnecessarily. It stops women from expressing themselves and have deep impact in their studies, carreer and personal lives.

This is why we created Woman Interrupted APP.
To show that it happens more than we think. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.

portraits of silence

Different women. Different artists. One cause.
These Illustrators around the world, both male and female, donated their artwork to promote the fight against Manterruption.

Global interruption average: 1.4 per minute

Name 9.999 interruptions/min
Name 9.999 interruptions/min


Manterrupting is a subject worth talking about.
The project made headlines in following networks, newspapers and news sites around the world.